Begin as a "Giver"

If your desire is to overcome the fears that accompany lack you will have to begin as a "Giver". That is only possible if you realize the joy of trusting God for everything as the birds. Think about it, nothing you have belongs to you in the first place. We did nothing to deserve what we have and that understanding will provide you with an opportunity to prove that it is better to give than to receive.

Our ministry is divinely commissioned to train those with that understanding. If this describes your heart and motives for giving, we are here to assist you in the next level of kingdom living. If you feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to you to join us, then follow the information below.

In Him

Emerson and Ana Ferrell

Voice of The Light

Our mission is to provide materials, and news designed to be prophetic in your life, and introduce people like yourself to Jesus Christ. Not an image or symbol but a real person and establish a real relationship with the Father and His Kingdom. Jesus came to forgive us for our iniquities that we might live life more abundantly. Visit our online store for Christian Paintings, Prophetic Art, and Christian Media.

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